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Meet the Tiny Potter Team

Here's more about the team behind The Tiny Potters.

The Tiny Potters



Co-Host, Slytherin

Addison is a fourth grader who loves cats, Minecraft, and YouTube. She is also in Girl Scouts and is a Blue Belt in Karate.

Favorite Harry Potter Character: Draco Malfoy because he's in Slytherin and he's very sly.

Least Favorite Character: Ron Weasley because he's often mean to Hermonie even though he's supposed to be her friend. Draco is mean to her but doesn't pretend.

Favorite Hogwarts Class: Transfiguration because you get to turn things into other things.

Favorite Animal Character: Threstrals because they look awesome.



Co Host, Gryffindor

Anderson is a fifth grade student who likes to spend time looking up as much as he can about Harry Potter. He is also a Blue Belt in Karate and takes improv classes.

Favorite Harry Potter Character: Harry Potter because he's a quidditch player and he looks like me.

Least Character: Wormtail because he's the reason Harry has to live with the Dursleys.

Favorite Hogwarts Subject: Defense Against the Dark Arts because that has the coolest spells.

Favorite Magical Creature: Dragon because who doesn't like a flaming breathing dragon?



Mom, Ravenclaw

Ramona is the proud mom and producer of the Tiny Potters and was very pregnant with at least one of them while reading the books. When she isn't working with the kids on the podcast she is the Community Manager for Podcast Websites, an all-in-one podcasting hosting platform. 

Favorite Harry Potter Character: Molly Weasley because she is the closest thing to a mother that Harry gets. The moment in Book 4 when she holds Harry as he cries is one of the best in all seven books.

Least Favorite Character: Delores Umbridge not only is she a child abuser, but a terrible opportunist. Outside of Voldermort, she is the vilest person in the Harry Potter universe - a bigot with a penchant for power, and no remorse.

Favorite Hogwarts Class: Potions, I like to cook and it's the closest to that. Plus with two kids I imagine it would come in handy.

Favorite Magical Creature: Crookshanks - seriously who would love a cat that is also an evil detector? Handy.

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